Celestial Themes Tarot Spread (10 Cards)

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Celestial Themes Tarot Spread - E-Mail Reading

This is a wonderful 10-card Spread with Past, Present & Future information about your own personal attitudes, behaviours, values, morals and character archetypes (including opportunities for past, present and future growth & spiritual learning opportunities) concerning aspects of these major personality traits we all possess within:

- The Wounded Healer (Chiron)
- The Selfless Nurturer (Ceres)
- The Ideal Partner (Juno)
- The Domestic Keeper (Vesta)
- The Strategic Warrior (Pallas)
- The Secret Aggressor (Lilith)
- The Holistic Purifier (Hygeia)
The Primal Destroyer (Eris)
The Self-Aware Soul (Psyche)
The Confident Lover (Eros)

Typically offered as a "Near Future" Psychic Reading perspective for the next 3 to 6 months. The deck chosen for the reading may be the one photographed, or another that is intuitively selected by Spirit.

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beautiful & unique e-book sent directly to your e-mail address. Usually 24 pages in length.

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Origins of Spread: Created by Allison Boswell, Inspired by the Arcana of Astrology Deck
Deck Photographed: Arcana of Astrology by Claire Goodchild


Please Note: 

Since this is an E-mail Reading, follow-up or additional questions that arise after reading your e-book will not be accepted. If you wish to receive a reading that allows for free-flowing conversation and clarifying questions to be answered, than please consider purchasing the 30-Minute, 45-Minute, or 1-Hour Phone, Skype, or FaceTime Psychic Medium Readings that I offer.