45-Minute Phone, Skype, or FaceTime Psychic Medium Reading

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Receive a 45-Minute Psychic Medium Reading with Allison via your choice of Phone, Skype, or FaceTime.

What can You find out in a Psychic Medium Reading with Me?

A Psychic Medium Reading with me usually doesn't involve any tools (cards, crystal ball, pendulum, etc.). I would say that I don't use any tools for at least 75% of the client sessions that I do.

During this type of reading I will use my connection to Spirit (your Spirit Guides & mine) to answer any of the questions that may be on your mind. These questions can be about ANYTHING - including:

- Love, Relationships & Marriage
- Children
- Health
- Career & Education
- The Past, Issues in the Present & Scope of the Future
- Are you spiritually gifted?
- How can you tap into your own intuitive insight more?
- When will something happen in your life?
- What is your soul's path or journey in life?
- Do you have Spirit Guides? What are they like?

I can also connect to a Loved One on the Other Side and seek the following information for you:

- Whether they are at peace
- How they may be looking out for you
- Whether they are present in your everyday life
- Answers about their life or passing

You can literally ask me anything and I will provide you a direct line of communication to your Spirit Guides & Loved Ones that have passed. This type of reading is 100% about you, what messages will help you with what you are currently facing in life, and what your future holds.

Usually in this type of reading where "anything goes", it's best to come prepared with specific questions, or take the time to write down questions. You don't have to ask me these questions - but this list will help you keep track of what information Spirit has naturally brought up versus any topics or insight you feel you really need to know about.

I'm also an experienced Tarot Reader and Tarot Teacher, so if you are looking for a Tarot Reading I am more than happy to do that for you as well. To be honest though... when I'm reading with the Tarot I'm not really reading the cards. I just put the cards down and let Spirit show me your messages and speak to me directly. The cards are only ever there as a means to connect and tune into your energy even deeper. 

*** To learn more about what a Psychic Medium Reading may entail, please visit this page on my website. ***

Once You have Placed Your Order

Please submit the following details via e-mail to altruisticapothecary@gmail.com in order to complete your booking:

(1) Preferred Days of the Week for your Reading
(2) Preferred Times of the Day for your Reading (typically booked between 12pm EST & 5pm EST)
(3) Preferred Contact Information (the telephone number or Skype handle you'd like me to use when contacting you on the date/time of your session)

Please note that session availabilities will vary based on my current schedule.

If I do not receive your preferred booking information (day of week / time of day), a follow-up to confirm your session may be delayed. My schedule can be hectic and setting appointments without your preferences will always take more time.

You do not need to have questions prepared for this reading. I can read without any questions, topics, or prompts. If, however, there are specific things you are looking to know then I do encourage you to have a list handy for your own convenience.

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