2 Questions Answered via Text (SMS) or Direct Message

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2 Questions Answered via Text (SMS) or Direct Message (FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr)

This is super quick mini reading with specific answers (from Spirit) about 2 questions you may have. The questions should be specific or at the very least directed toward a certain areas of your life that you would like to know about. 

Your questions will be answered via direct channeling by me (Allison) with the help of Spirit. No cards (Tarot or Oracle), or spiritual tools are used to provide your answer. I will receive you answer via visions, direct spoken words, or feelings / emotions from Spirit.

As with most things, Spirit is all about equal input / equal output (balance); and so the more broad your questions are, the more vague you may find your answers to be. Therefore, the more specific your question is, the more specific your answer will be.


"Specific Question" Examples Include:

  • "I just applied to a new job. Will I be getting this job?"
  • "I'm dating someone new. Is there a future for this relationship?"
  • "My gut tells me I can't trust my friend Mary. What do my Spirit Guides think of her?"
  • "I recently saw a new entity who I think is one of my Spirit Guides. Was it really them?"
  • "I want to find love, am I going about this the right way?"

"Vague Question" Examples Include:

  • "What is my life purpose?"
  • "Will I find love?"
  • "What should I be doing for a career?"
  • "I miss my mom. Does she have any messages for me?"
  • "What are my Psychic abilities?"

Note: What I have identified as "Vague Questions" are actually perfect topics to discuss during a more in depth / lengthy reading via Phone, Skype or FaceTime. If you are seeking a more in depth response, or you are unsure what you would like to know, it would be best to consider a 30-Minute45-Minute OR 1-Hour Phone, Skype or FaceTime Psychic Medium Reading.


This reading is typically offered as a "Near Future" Psychic Reading perspective for the next few weeks or 1 to 2 months

Your purchase includes brief answers supplied to you via the method you choose.

Please comment with your purchase whether you prefer to receive your reading via Text MessageFaceBook MessengerInstagram Direct Message, Twitter Direct Message or Tumblr Direct Message AND your mobile cell number OR username / handle.

Wait times on Text (SMS) / Direct Message deliveries will vary based on my current travelling schedule. See my upcoming travel plans to learn more.


Please Note: Since this is a limited 2 Questions Answered Text (SMS) / Direct Message Reading, follow-up or additional questions that arise after reading your channeled answer are not accepted. If you wish to receive a reading that allows for free-flowing conversation and clarifying questions to be answered, than please consider purchasing the 30-Minute45-Minute or 1-Hour Phone, Skype, or FaceTime Psychic Medium Readings that I offer.